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October 2017
20 October
  New Scope Probe video
    Science Discovery Day at Sandford Mill, Essex
    60th Jamboree-On-The-Air begins
    DX News from the ARRL
    HamRadioNow: State of Digital Voice – DCC 2017
    ARISS International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, wins G3AAJ Trophy
    FM satellite expected to launch in November
    IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

October 2017
19 October
  Counting down to participating in the 60th Jamboree-On-The-Air
    New IARU Region 2 Band Planning Committee
    Live stream of ARISS contacts
    Museum of Radio and Technology Part 1 – Radios
    RSGB Exam Syllabus Review – Update Oct 2017
    CAS-4A and CAS-4B amateur radio transponders activated
    BBC Director General opens new amateur radio premises
    BBC Essex Quest meets Essex Ham

October 2017
18 October
  Report on NIAR at ICRSDM-2017 (8T3HUD), Visakhapatnam
    CTU’s Secretary General comments on Amateur Radio
    DAB/DAB+ sales approach 60 million
    Amateur Station Licence Examination
    Scout Jamboree on the Air
    Amateur radio recognized in Norwegian resource register
    Simoco to supply DMR network to England and Wales Rescue Group
    B17 updated operational transmission schedule


October 2017
17 October
  HamRadioNow video – EmComm Extra SATERN
    Practical Wireless magazine now in Digital format
    ComReg moving forward with online applications
    Spotless sun sparks bright auroras
    Final BBC Operating Licence revealed by Ofcom
    Jefferson City RadioShack re-opens
    SARL Amateur Radio Hall of Fame nominations for 2018
    Videos of AMSAT-UK Colloquium talks


October 2017
Sun 15 October
  ARISS contact planned for two schools in Italy
    Propagation de K7RA
    Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
    VK6ARN NewsWest
    Application process for Short Term Restricted Service Licences (SRSLs) during May and June
    Final touches on Kletskous this weekend
    CQ Hou Koers
    FCC affirms huge fine in New York interference case


October 2017
14 October
  Imminent shutdown of seven repeaters
    Tiangong 1: Out of control Chinese space station about to fall to Earth, expert says
    Foundations of Amateur Radio #123
    Olivier ON4EI is back in Ireland again
    ARISS contact planned for Ireland and Sweden
    UTC issues 475/137kHz approvals to transmit to specific USA ham stations

October 2017
13 October
  Next Advanced distance learning course starts January
    Student to contact ISS with ham radio
    Ofcom publishes 700 MHz clearance programme update
    DX News from the ARRL
    More than 2,500 registered for JOTA-JOTI
    FCC grants experimental license for project to help provide cell service in Puerto Rico
    VK1 WICEN activities

October 2017
12 October
  Tony’s 10 Metre Band Report
    Geostationary Amateur Radio Transponder Talk and Demonstration
    Live streaming from Space Colloquium this weekend
    KC0W activities
    The Australian Amateur Radio Callbook 2018
    IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
    Geomagnetic storm in progress
    SDR workshop in Cape Town
    Renewing Australian Amateur Radio Licences – a reminder


October 2017
11 October
  Icom launch innovative IC-R8600 wideband communication receiver
    Asteroid to buzz Earth this week
    Ofcom grants Inmarsat a wireless telegraphy authorisation for complementary ground component
    RSGB Convention 2017 – Full ticket for 2 people available
    Delays to new police radio system ‘will cost the salaries of 8,000 PCs thanks to a £400m bill for disastrous project’
    Volunteers needed for RAC Canada 150 Award
    UAE radio hams use dedicated World Space Week call sign
    Parachute Mobile Mission 29
    IARU-R1 VHF-UHF-μW Newsletter
    IARUMS newsletter: Stanag-4285 on 40m


October 2017
10 October
  Election of RAC Director for Ontario South Region
    2017 Examination Standards Committee Report
    DXCC Most Wanted (ClubLog)
    Turkish Special Event
    Organizers announce the 63 teams for WRTC 2018
    Puerto Rico Amateur Radio volunteer force deploys new equipment, groceries
    The future of amateur radio video
    Radio Clubs of the World Sprint Contest 2017


October 2017
9 October
  IOTA News from OPDX
    DXCC Country/Entity Report
    Sputnik Replica – The Transmitter
    AMSAT Phase 4 Groundstation Report for the Week 3 October 2017
    PowerFilm F15-1200 Portable Solar Power for ham radio
    RadioStrat probe retrieved
    Proposals to revise the broadband speeds Codes of Practice


October 2017
Sun 8 October
  Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
    Radio amateurs should keep up with modern times
    Radio Amateurs – a threatened species?
    Makrothen RTTY Contest (Distance Based Scoring = More FUN!)
    Radio ham provided Morse link after hurricane
    October Radio ZS magazine available for all to read
    Update on CARHOF nomination process
    Frank Perry named CQ Advertising Manager


October 2017
6 October
  ARISS contact planned for Montenegro
    DX News from the ARRL
    LimeSDR. Flexible, next-generation, open source software-defined radio
    Receiver front end protection unit from Cross Country Wireless
    Symbol rate restrictions – FCC grants temporary waiver
    Yaesu’s System Fusion at Digital Communications Conference
    Radio Caroline AM

October 2017
5 October
  Tony’s 10m Band Report
    So what does being an RSGB Board member really mean?
    # Low Q Yagis – G4CQM – 2017!
    First meeting of the National Space Council
    Major space weather event on Mars
    Brian Lloyd’s HF SSB transceiver on his Amelia Earhart round-the-world flight
    Goodbye to the home of VK3RTV


October 2017
4 October
  ARISS one step closer to flying new equipment to ISS
    The Last Pirates: Britain’s Rebel DJs
    W5JON/V47JA suffers hurricane antenna damage
    HRN 347: Old JOTA
    Newburgh teen is a real pro with amateur radio
    School students provide ham radio link to Puerto Rico
    ARRLx – Portuguese Castles National Day