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February 2019
Sunday 17 February
QSO Today – Kristen McIntyre – K6WX
ZS4A first to receive signals from Qatar OSCAR-100
New Exam/Callsign provider for Australia’s radio hams
Digital mode OPERA used on Es’hail-2
VK6WIA NewsWest
NZ QRPers Group
AmateurLogic 127: Winter Projects
QO-100 released by QARS
AMSAT / ARISS Fundraising Campaign
February 2019
16 February
Propagation de K7RA
DXCC Country/Entity Report
IOTA News from OPDX
Live video from Wyong
WIA Board comment
The RSGB Commonwealth Contest 2019
The Gambia op
Macao DXpedition news
February 2019
15 February
Space Station Slow Scan TV Event Feb 15-17
SSO-A Solar Sails deployed – may be visible to naked eye
Essex Skills Night Monday
DX News from the ARRL
Foundations of Amateur Radio #193
Radio Ham lone yachtswoman
Former Colorado Section Manager Tim Armagost, WB0TUB – SK
Big activity on the sun
February 2019
14 February
Tony’s 10m Band Report
The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov
‘Hello CQ, Hello CQ it’s International Radio Day’
Radio hams to distribute radios
Radio hams transfer Crypto Currency on 40m band
FCC invites comments on Amateur Radio-related Petition for Rule Making
VOA White House Bureau Chief to Speak on ‘Covering the White House and the World’ at VOA Museum March 6

David Honess M6DNT a écrit un article décrivant comment recevoir des images de télévision ISS en SSTV « Slow Scan » au moyen d’un ordinateur Raspberry Pi et d’un clé (dongle) USB RTL-SDR
La SSTV est une méthode de transmission d’images permettant d’envoyer et de recevoir des images statiques par radio. La Station spatiale internationale transmet les images en modulation de fréquence 145.800 MHz aux opérateurs radio amateurs et autres passionnés de radio du monde entier.
Lire l’article sur ICI
La plus récente manifestation ISS SSTV s’est déroulée du 8 au 10 février 2019. ICI



February 2019
13 February
EF50: The tube that changed everything
First ham radio geostationary satellite transponder active
Radiocommunications Agency tightens supervision of wireless devices
IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
PY0F, Fernando de Noronha
February 2019
12 February
Space Station SSTV decoder setup for Raspberry Pi
France: Mandatory ham radio ERP declaration
Austria World Radio Day
Student from Saint Paul’s School Rajkot receives ISS SSTV
Upcoming ARISS contact with Faith Christian Academy, Orlando, FL
February 2019
11 February
ANATEL publishes regulations on exposure to electromagnetic radiation
DXCC Country/Entity Report
IOTA News from OPDX
Have you tried RTTY?
Qatar OSCAR-100 web receiver now live
Romania: Law details level of ham radio fines
AO-85 turned off due to return of eclipses and poor battery condition
KG4AKV’s SpaceComms YouTube Channel – Building a Groundstation
Is August now Lighthouse month ?
February 2019
Sunday 10 February
Philippines ham radio Class D seminar
Cricket World Cup Amateur Radio Marathon
New IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter available
Toledo man reflects on 50 years in radio business
QSO Today – Richard Dillman – W6AWO
Uganda DXpedition – callsign update
A trans-Neptunian comet is approaching Earth
Es’hail-2 / QO-100 Teleport Inauguration Day – February 14
AMSAT VP Educational Relations leads Villanova University CubeSat Club
Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP


February 2019
9 February
VERON reports 2018 membership number
QSL cards from the former Portuguese possessions in Africa and Asia
Ofcom guidance on operating in other countries
Propagation de K7RA
WIA hands-over exams to UTAS/AMC
NKOM now issuing PDF license documents
VK6WIA NewsWest
ARRL Board gives the go-ahead to Lifelong Learning Initiative
February 2019
8 February
Foundations of Amateur Radio #192
DX News from the ARRL
New IOTA on Ice DXpedition
HamRadioNow Elmercast 1: From the Ground Up!
US Navy provides ham radio training
BFI Archive: Radio Servicing
AOxWRD: World Radio Day 2019
February 2019
7 February
Tony’s 10m Band Report
Newspaper misrepresents ham radio numbers
New Radio Tutor website
Plate pirates target ham radio operators
Youth Contesting Program (YCP) 2019
Zorro off to Bhutan
DXCC Most Wanted
Greenland op


February 2019
6 February
The MarconISSta project
Help required in final MarconISSta tests
LFA Yagi inventor to retire
US schools/groups move into phase 2 of ARISS selections
IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Incredible video of South Pole auroras
NASA airs departure of US cargo ship from International Space Station
2 Meter News reader
Kerry Amateur Radio Group special event
Lesotho DXpedition


February 2019
5 February
Niagara Peninsula Radio Club ready for local emergencies
Electronics Notes opens a Ham Radio store
PMSE funding scheme now open for applications
The February 2019 Communicator
Revisions to Digital Radio Technical Codes
Announcing ARISS / NOTA Slow Scan TV Event – revised operating time
Dutch Novice: Working group discusses draft report
1979-1982 Transglobe expedition – Syncal30 TRA931 wanted for London exhibition
EURAO Newsletter February 2019
AMSAT announces 50th Anniversary Space Symposium in Washington, DC
February 2019
4 February
Ham College 49
DXCC Country/Entity Report
IOTA news from OPDX
Cuban special event
ICQPodcast – Peanut the D-Star App
Chelmsford Talk: Data Modes for all Occasions
Two milestones in Distance Learning
Consultation on Amateur Satellite Service – Your input needed
Ham radio course cancelled due to lack of interest
Review of the CommRadio CTX-10 QRP transceiver