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Sun 15 July
Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
The SARL Winter QRP Contest on Saturday
The ZS2 Sprint on Sunday
VK6WIA NewsWest
QSO Today – David Finell – N7LRY
WRTC 2018
ACMA 5-year spectrum outlook paper ‘disappointing’
IARU HF Championship

July 2018
13 July
IARUMS reports on intruders in ham radio spectrum
IARU HF Championship
ILLW and old lighthouses
DX News from the ARRL
Coverage set for departure of US cargo ship from International Space Station
ARRL urges regulatory regime to keep non-amateur satellites off amateur spectrum
Delay in delivery of The Canadian Amateur : July-August 2018

July 2018
12 July
Ham radio technology used in Thailand cave rescue
WRTC call sign mystery revealed
KiwiSDR TDoA Direction Finding now freely available
Students review Yaesu FT-25E ham radio handheld
Tropical storm Chris reaches hurricane status
WRTC kicks off on July 12
IOTA news from the DARC



July 2018
11 July
Horus Binary Telemetry and FreeDV
RSGB: OAS to replace AROS
88 MHz Trans-Atlantic signals heard in Ireland
NASA names six new flight directors to lead Mission Control
Upcoming ARISS contact with Space Port Area Conference for Educators (SPACE), Kennedy Space Center, FL
A few weeks to go – YOTA ZS!
New Australian amateur radio representative body
FCC Small Satellites Licensing Procedures – Responses online

July 2018
10 July
Emergency Communications Meeting – Friedrichshafen 2018
Aviation radiation: New results from the South Pacific
BBC: ‘shortwave radio listening continues its steep decline’
Essex CW ARC CW Boot Camp
Tropical storm Chris: Possible threat to the Maritimes and Newfoundland
AMSAT-NA files comments on FCC Docket
University of Manitoba wins 4th CSDC!
Registration for JOTA JOTI 2018 now open

July 2018
9 July
RADIO DARC special coverage of WRTC 2018
IOTA News from OPDX
DXCC Country/Entity Report
HF spectrum pollution: IEEE publish paper
ICQ Podcast – Network Radio
ILLW gathering pace
434 MHz balloon launch from Goonhilly
Kingstown Regatta Centenary
When No News means Good News
YOTA 2018 – a few weeks away

July 2018
Sun 8 July
Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
The RaDAR Challenge next Saturday
IARU HF Championships and WRTC-2018
VK6WIA NewsWest
ISS SSTV transmissions continue
QSO Today – Rick Tavan – N6XI
CubeSats to deploy from ISS July 13
Codec2 HF digital voice at 450 bps

July 2018
7 July
RADIO, TECHNO, FOSSIL on Radio Tonka 92.0
Powerpole Adapters for the Elecraft KX2 and KX3
Propagation de K7RA
Australian ham radio exam system under review
Amazon purchasing points can benefit National VOA Museum of Broadcasting
Foundations of Amateur Radio #161
Night-shining clouds sighted over the USA
2 Earth-directed solar storms launched in 1 day


July 2018
6 July
Maiden Islands
DX News from the ARRL
Cuba achieves 96% pass rate in ham radio exams
Interview about ISS SSTV on local TV station
Licence free use of 57-66 GHz
Ham radio spans generations
NASA TV to air launch, docking of Russian cargo delivery to Space Station
ARISS contact to be streamed live to the Internet
Amsat Field Day submissions


July 2018
5 July
IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
New WRTC Awards – WRTC 2018 Distance Challenge
Sibling radio hams assist in road race
New HAB software – Pytrack and SkyGate
HRN 399.75: Learning about DMR
Belgian radio amateurs meet regulator
Approaching green comet explodes in brightness


YL ZS6MMS  obtient 100 points pour le trafic SOTA

Félicitations à Magda Swart, ZS6MMS , qui est devenue la deuxième YL en Afrique du Sud à atteindre 100 points pour les sommets SOTA.
Magda a obtenu ses 100 points après avoir activé ZS / KN-345 Hluku et ZS / KN-204 Klipspruit le jeudi 28 juin 2018.
Magda rejoint Adele, ZS5APT avec 100 points pour le trafic SOTA et plus.
Bravo Magda!
L’équipe du Sani Pass a activé le Peak Nord et Sud de Hodson le samedi 30 juin 2018.

South African Radio League

July 2018
4 July
Live in Essex? Fancy a pint?
KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition news
Lithuanian and Polish special event
FCC, N. Huntingdon man settle over alleged radio disruption
GB3LV IRLP and Echolink nodes down for maintenance
NASA awards contract for continued operation of Jet Propulsion Laboratory
China Microsatellite Symposium 2018
YL achieves 100 SOTA activator points
St. Pierre and Miquelon


July 2018
3 July
Ham College 42
2018 UKHAS Conference
Interference a key issue for ACMA
Society break down? NERDS to the rescue
The legacy of Iraq’s Amateur Radio operators lives on
Chertsey radio club on local TV
Massive dust storm alters the appearance of Mars
HRN 399 1/2 CQ Field Day from WA6P

July 2018
1 July
Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Mayor Hannelore Brendel supports the WRTC
QSO Today – Kai Siwiak – KE4PT
VK6WIA NewsWest
Space Comms is for beginners
RAC welcomes new Section Manager
Consultation on varying UK Broadband’s licence for spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band
South African Radio League Newbie Party

June 2018
30 June
Foundations of Amateur Radio #160
MacLoggerDX Version 6.19 released
Propagation de K7RA
Amateur enthusiasts tune in to Newbury radio rally
ARISS contact planned for school in Bonn, Germany
RSGB release Board Proceedings for Jan-April
Monitoring compliance with the EU Net Neutrality regulation