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June 2017
23 June
  IARU Region 1 Depleting Reserves
    Automotive industry embraces DAB+ radio
    Norwegian national FM networks continue shutdowns
    NASA prepares for total solar eclipse
    YOTA 2017 teams asked for ISS contact questions
    DX News from the ARRL
    Radio hams aim to hone skills
    First cubesat from Chile
    Sacramento Valley Section Official Observer Coordinator Norm Lucas, WB6RVR (SK)
    Jellyfish-shaped ‘space lightning’ sighted over Europe


June 2017
22 June
  Amateur Radio needs young people
    Ham Club PR with Scott Westerman W9WSW
    Field Day demonstrates Science, Skill and Service
    2017 General Conference – Additional Papers
    IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
    Tony’s 10 Metre Band Report
    ARISS SSTV Commemorative Activity mid-July
    Rosemary C. Harold to lead FCC Enforcement Bureau

June 2017
21 June
  GB1JSS June Summer Solstice
    Ofcom reports to Government on proposed Fox/Sky merger
    FM broadcasting stations as VHF beacons
    Skills Night June 2017
    Mayor proclaims Amateur Radio Week
    Danish Anniversary Award

June 2017
20 June
  ID-4100E Dualband D-Star Digital Mobile debuts in the UK
    Asteroid named after Radio Ham
    InnovAntennas ‘Big Gun’ arrays
    ‘Last Man Standing’ talks at CMT break down
    RSGB Convention 2017

June 2017
19 June
  IOTA News from OPDX
    DXCC Country/Entity Report
    Renewal of your Amateur Station Licence
    VHF/UHF Contest
    Cuban Special Event
    SARCfest – with a difference
    Advanced Distance Learning Course filling up
    WIA Contest Champion Results 2016

June 2017
18 June
  Don’t miss Skills Night Monday
    Strong ties bind Amateurs and Broadcasters
    FUNcube Satellite Status Update
    Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
    SARL fund for disaster victims
    IARU R1 Youth activities
    ROTA – Recipes On The Air
    GippsTech 2017 coming in early July
    2017 AMSAT Field Day Rules
    South African Radio League Top Band QSO Party

June 2017
17 June
  Syllabus consultation for UK ham radio exams
    Three fined £1.9m for emergency call service failure
    Upper atmospheric ‘heat wave’ wipes out noctilucent clouds
    Semiconductor embedded substrate technology to reduce the footprint for a digital speaker
    Waters & Stanton announce the immediate availability of the Icom ID-4100
    Amateur radio to the rescue of satellite
    Join Virtual Buildathon and build satellite antenna
    NewsWest for Sunday, 18 June 2017
    Propagation de K7RA


June 2017
16 June
  CAS-4A and CAS-4B satellites from CAMSAT launched
    Pixie Challenge
    Azerbaijan special event
    Jamboree on the Air
    DX News from the ARRL
    ILLW reaches its 200th registration
    Foundations of Amateur Radio – Episode 106
    Honour leaves Stalky, 83, speechless for once
    GB1JSS June Summer Solstice
    EURAO Newsletter June 2017


June 2017
15 June
  Tony’s 10m Band Report
    AmateurLogic 105: George & Tommy’s Excellent Adventure v2.0
    A hole in the Sun’s atmosphere turns toward Earth
    FCC Part 97 Ham Radio Changes
    Field Day in Chelmsford
    North London node back on air
    HamRadioNow: No more POTA
    West Chester Radio Club to host two June events
    Spacecraft probe to listen for ARRL Field Day signals
    IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club


June 2017
14 June
  The Jakarta Amateur Radio Fair 2017
    EURAO Party – Spring 2017: watching SSTV
    A MF and LF demonstration / outreach opportunity during ARRL Field Day 2017
    Hamvention 2017
    Germanium ad Nauseam
    Ham Radio Mesh Network assists in SA fire disaster
    Essex Skills Night June 19
    IRAQI Kurdistan to hold Independence Referendum. Potentially new DXCC country on the horizon


June 2017
13 June
  Win a Software-Defined Radio
    IARUMS: Iran radar back on 28960 kHz
    Ryde Grammar School 434 MHz balloon launch
    TVs break Electromagnetic Emission rules
    EISCAT_3D gets go ahead
    Carl Laufer’s RTL-SDR on HamRadioNow
    ARISS contact planned for Space Center Houston – update
    5 MHz for Jamaica


June 2017
12 June
  DXCC Country/Entity Report
    IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
    K8CX’S 2017 Dayton Photo Gallery
    Southern Ireland Repeater Group
    ARISS contact planned for Space Center Houston
    2017 Hamvention Photos
    FCC strictly enforces RF equipment rules
    WA Amateur Radio News – VK6ARN
    ICQPodcast – Yaesu FT-450D review released
    The antenna is the most important part of radio equipment
    Radio amateurs heed call for assistance as South African fires rage
    Bengaluru Ham Action Force

June 2017
Sun 11 June
  Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
    SARL to partner with AMSAT-SA for next SDR workshop
    The Hammies Sprint
    Real-time propagation tool goes online
    Foundations of Amateur Radio – Episode 105
    North London node down for repairs
    AMSAT Strategic Planning Member Poll
    Roads with built-in wireless charging

June 2017
10 June
  Tim Ellam, VE6SH, nominated for ‘Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential’
    Did a spy satellite just visit the ISS?
    Ham radio on the beach
    Amateur Television on HamRadioNow
    Smartphone FM radio rules in Mexico
    Three DIY CubeSats score rides on NASA’s first flight of Orion, space launch system
    Advanced Distance Learning Course
    WCA – World Castles Award
    Propagation de K7RA
    Canada C3 Expedition, CG3EXP Special Event and WSPR station – update