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September 2019
13 September
September GEO Newsletter available for download
100 years of radio from Königs Wusterhausen
AMSAT-LU PicoBalloons travel around the globe
RAC planning meeting underway
Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) awards generous grant to ARISS
DX News from the ARRL
IARU Region 3 approves new bandplan
A possible interstellar comet enters the solar system
VK6WIA NewsWest

September 2019
12 September
Tony’s 10m Band Report
ARRL and IARU President Emeritus Larry Price, W4RA (SK)
Glasgow PocketQube Workshop hears about EASAT-2
Bulgarian radio hams gain limited access to 50 MHz
9 US schools moved forward in ARISS selection process
Past ARRL Iowa Section Manager Bob McCaffrey, K0CY (SK)
Reprieve for RTÉ Longwave ?
North Korea tests DRM on amateur radio band

September 2019
11 September
Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio
IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Greece: RAAG meet regulator regarding Antennas
Mysterious signals from West Africa on 28 MHz
Countdown to WRC-19
St. Pierre & Miquelon
Seychelles DXpedition

September 2019
9 September
IOTA News from OPDX
DXCC Country/Entity Report
ICQPodcast – Training, Licencing and Growing the Amateur Radio Hobby
Kenwood ham radios in Australia
Ham radio in newspaper’s Bygones column
RSGB release delayed Board Proceedings for May
Nauru DXpedition
Comoros Island DXpedition

September 2019
Sunday 8 September
HamRadioNow: Emergency Communications, Hurricanes and Elmers
West Malaysian special event
QSO Today – Ralph Fedor, K0IR
FT8 used for Australian 3.4 GHz record
AMSAT Board of Directors election ballots due September 15
DM02 Satellite Expedition
Contest activity in September
Good news for the two-metre band

September 2019
7 September
Foundations of Amateur Radio
Propagation de K7RA
Ham radio company wins big
VK6WIA NewsWest
Ham radio continues on the Hi-Line
New amateur radio maps

eptember 2019
6 September
The superheterodyne radio
International Air Ambulance Week 2019
2m Threat: Radio DARC broadcast
Hurricane Dorian: Ham radio important in emergencies
DXCC Most Wanted
GJ, Jersey
The Space Weather Woman
DX News from the ARRL
Radio hams track interfering signals
STEVE returns during Labor Day geomagnetic storm

September 2019
5 September
Tony’s 10m Band Report
Foundation Licence course on the London/Essex border
Hurricane Dorian: Radio hams help connect with families in Bahamas
Hurricane Dorian: Storm watch continues
Key role of radio hams in natural disasters
2019 Syllabus Foundation in Braintree
IARU attends ITU Inter-Regional Workshop
WSPR explained: How to get started with one-way ham radio
Amateur radio opens the world
EURAO Party – Autumn 2019: claiming for 2m

September 2019
4 September
HRN412 EmComm, Huricanes, and Elmers
IOTA news from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Route 66 on the Air
Hurricane Dorian: Temporary waiver for ham radio mode Pactor 4
Ham Radio gets embedded RTL-SDR
Radio Amateurs of Canada AGM

3 September
GB100GP active for Jamboree on the Air this October
Radio Romania to end shortwave broadcasts?
Annual maintenance shutdown of the MSF service
2019 37th AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual General Meeting


September 2019
2 September
Ham College 56
IOTA News from OPDX
DXCC Country/Entity Report
QSO Today – Eric Sears – ZL2BMI
ATU finalises its positions for WRC-19
WRC-19 Asia-Pacific preparatory meetings
ICQPodcast – Radio Caroline (GB55RC)
South Orkney Islands DXpedition
Rescue assistance by Malabar Amateur Radio Society (MARS)
ADF4351 new Arduino code
AMSAT SA Dual Band Yagi now available for export

Célébration des 90 ans de la station de radio Baldock

En 1929, la station Radio Baldock a ouvert ses portes pour la première fois.
C’était le début d’un voyage de neuf décennies (et de comptage) qui le ferait évoluer d’une station de réception radio au domicile du travail de l’Ofcom sur la gestion des ondes.
La station de radio Baldock a commencé à fonctionner en 1929. Elle a été créée dans le cadre de la chaîne impériale sans fil, un réseau de communication international qui relie les pays de l’Empire britannique. La même année, il a contribué à compléter le premier appel radiotéléphonique transatlantique, effectué au Royaume-Uni depuis Rocky Point, New Jersey, États-Unis.
Il a été utilisé comme station de réception jusqu’en 1938, année de l’ouverture de la station de contrôle de fréquence Baldock au même endroit. La nouvelle station de contrôle de la fréquence a joué un rôle essentiel en préservant le spectre radioélectrique des interférences, qui demeurent une fonction clé de la station.
Lire l’histoire complète ICI 

August 2019
31 August
CEPT CPG decides position on 144, 50 and 1240-1300 MHz
Foundations of Amateur Radio
RSGB release Mock Exam papers
160th anniversary of the Carrington Event
Propagation de K7RA
VK6WIA NewsWest
Packet Radio (Post Apocalyptic Internet?) – Computerphile
Celebrating 90 years of Baldock Radio Station
Chance of Aurora Saturday evening

August 2019
30 August
Telford Hamfest at new venue
Eddie De Young, AE7AA, named CQ Awards Editor
RSGB release Board Proceedings for June
Amateur Radio Alliance Web
DX News from the ARRL
New ham radio youth group in Spain
VDSL: PTA imposes restrictions on Radio Amateur
Geomagnetic storm warning

August 2019
29 August
Tony’s 10m Band Report
2.3 GHz considered for railway mobile communications system
FCC petitioned to open up 45 to 50 MHz for DRM+ broadcasts in the USA
EMC-Filter for LED
The Dwingeloo Story
ARRL HF Band Planning Committee reactivated
Zanzibar Island IOTA activation
Somalia DXpedition